About Jenn

Being a mom of an amazing son, a business owner for over 17 years I am an overachiever. I can not rest nor let my mind rest. In this life, i want to conquer and pursue every dream, obstacle and goal. From a little girl I was determined and focused.
At age 19 I worked extremely hard as an esthetician, I would clean houses on the side and struggled to give my son a life he deserved. As a single parent I pulled up my sleeves and worked hard. At age 24 I was able to take over the current business I was working for.

I have now owned and operated Rosinas European Skin Care for over 17 years.

I have always been athletic. I got into bodybuilding to loose weight and build my self confidence up after having my child.I
With my passion of pushing myself to limits, I fell in love with bodybuilding. I chose to push myself and took bodybuilding to the next level, with that in mind and my families support I signed up for my first bikini competition. I fell in love with my transformation. Body and mind. After my love for competing set in I wanted higher goals. I chose to compete in my first figure competition and placed 4th, that motivated me to compete in PA Nationals and won first place out of thirty woman. I officially attained my goal of becoming an IFBB Figure Pro competitor. And yet again I am not satisfied, my next goal is to make it to the Olympia. With my passion of overturning goals in my life I hope to inspire friends, amazing people I have met through my journey and most of all my son. I want to see him reach and strive for every opportunity lifes journey leads him!


A Woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities. The Latin word virago has almost always had an association with cultural gender transgression. A virago, of whatever excellence, was still identified by her gender.